The Red Trilogy

Red Hands

Part 1 of the Red Trilogy

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Amber’s way of living changes drastically when memories of a past life as a medieval mercenary suddenly unfold. However, it doesn’t stop at memories alone…

Her rugged alter ego with his life of freedom and fighting comes back in full force and turns everything upside down. Switching from her current insecure self to the wild and uninhibited Tamás, Amber is tossed back and forth between past and present. The mercenary is not only in her mind, even her body is getting its old feelings back. 

Then Amber discovers that her former self has no intention of leaving, and she must live the life of both a man and a woman in one body. When it turns out that even more people from Tamás’ previous existence have reincarnated, lives long red threads become visible.

“Red Hands by JT Pasma intrigues to the bone. It is a book that makes you restless, lustful and hungry for more.”

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Part 2, Red Threads and part 3, Red Blood will be released in 2023.






The Red Trilogy will be complete at the end of 2023

About the author, JT Pasma

How can I tell you what is going on inside me? What my world looks like.

Sometimes others tell it for me. In music, when the notes take me to the dark caverns of my soul, when I am carried away on the waves of time. They leave me at the bottom of a life I know, that I lived, or perhaps still do. Then I feel other boundaries, other muscles and talents. Then I think different thoughts and have different truths. Then I am born on Hungarian soil, Greek rocks or on some Danish coastline.

Sometimes movie images take me back to times and feelings of long ago and I remember how everything was. Then I see what I was looking at and hear what I was listening to. Then the memories come flooding back.

I cannot tell with musical notes, not with visuals. I narrate with words. Words on paper that take time to find their place. And I use that time to search for them, find them, capture them. I go on a journey, a quest, a hunt. My tales take years to mature into a flavor as rich as life.

But then it grabs you, drags you under, takes you into deep valleys and to great heights. It leads you to parts of yourself that you would never dare name out loud, but whose very recognition makes you feel more whole than you ever did. It penetrates you, like the heat of a summer day or the winter chill creeping into your bones.

And there it finds your story, your passion, your lust, fears and courage. And it makes you feel that you are so much more than you thought, that you too may be who you can be, emerging from your soul, expanding in all the forms you choose.

I tell my story in my books. I am a writer.



JT (JelleTas) Pasma is born in the year of Woodstock. Writing Warrior and duopersonality. Lover of woods, fire and Scottish whisky. Adventurer of The Big Adventure of Lifetimes.